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Standart A Hotwife Flirts in a Hotel Bar

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Author's Note: This is the continuation of the journey of a man and a woman trying to keep the passion in their marriage after raising 3 kids. In previous stories, the experiences of vacations proved life-changing - and marriage saving. Now this couple continues to explore new erotic adventures and see where this road takes them...

This is a story about sexual exploration through discovering the power of a woman's inner exhibitionist. This story contains real-life experiences and re-counts actual events of our life. The writer enhanced the story in certain parts. If you are looking for a quick fuck and suck story, this is not for you.

Finally, all of this work is mine and no one else has permission to use it, reproduce it, or sell it.


Susan Flirts in a Hotel Bar

She knew why the UBER driver quickly hopped out in a rush to open the back door for her. She already noticed the driver adjusting his mirror as she sat in the back seat and was completely aware that due to the short black skirt she was wearing, she was about to give this UBER driver quite a memorable view.

The Pakistani-looking driver almost gagged when she exited the back seat. Swinging her one leg out while the other remained inside, then pausing to reach back for her purse guaranteed the man more than a split second look of her exposed white skin above her black lace-top thigh high stockings, and highly likely, a good view of her transparent white lace panties barely covering her freshly shaved pussy. She looked up at a man mesmerized. She smiled at him, knowing she just made his day, maybe his week, perhaps maybe even his year!

The hotel bar was just across the street. Not wanting to jaywalk, she chose to walk a half a block and cross at the crosswalk. The sidewalk was buzzing with people. As she passed businessmen and businesswomen leaving their offices at the end of their work day, she felt naughty simply walking down the street, dressed as she was. She was not dressed like a slut, but more like a VERY sexy businesswoman going out at the end of the long work week... and perhaps looking for fun.

As she paused at the crosswalk waiting for the signal, Susan noticed a tall gentleman dressed in a fine suit and tie stop next to her. He looked down at her, smiled, and said hello. Susan felt a rush of warmth course through her body.

The light changed and she stepped forward, ahead of the gentleman. She wondered if she still had the attention of this really great looking guy. Was checking out her ass and legs from behind? Susan knew her ass, in particular, looked good in her form-fitting short skirt and with the G-string panties she wore, she knew there were no visible panty lines.

She walked up to the entrance to the hotel, and paused before entering. Susan knew once inside she was fully committed to acting out one of her husband's fantasies.

The tall gentleman passed her, turned, and smiled again, and entered the hotel ahead of her. Susan was a bit apprehensive considering she would soon be walking into a bar to flirt with complete strangers - and with the approval and encouragement of her husband. She was both terrified and excited at the same time.


This "thing" evolved over a bit of time. As with most marriages, after the first few years, family obligations, kids and kid's activities, work and work activities took most of their time. Time for each other became scarce as sleep became more of a priority. As a result, their sex drive started to diminish from lack of stimulation. Sex was "scheduled" and ebbed and flowed in passion depending on the life stresses they were experiencing. They were having "vacation sex," "birthday sex," and "anniversary sex" instead of having any sense of fun or spontaneity in the bedroom. Their intimate time together become predictable, mundane, and far from exciting. There was an emptiness in their marriage.

Neither of them cheated on the other or even had the desire to do so.

Then the day came. After years of decreasing passion, verbal jabbing, and a few passing quips of splitting up, they had a day of reckoning. They knew that many divorces are fueled by a stale love life. For their marriage to survive, changes in their lifestyle needed to happen.

Fortunately for both of them, they were committed to each other and chose to work to improve their marriage and, hopefully improve their sex life. They openly discussed their life together and how to improve it.

One item that they agreed was to look towards how they might be more respectful to each other, and consider each others desires. They talked how they might do things to turn each other on, to spice things up a bit in their marriage. Frequently those "pillow talks" seemed outrageous initially, but they always lead to great sex. And the more they kept talking about them, the more turned on they both got. Over time, what they once considered outrageous, become more accepting.

This "thing" that led them to this night seemed like görükle escort it started out innocently enough. Soon after they were married, Edward came to realize he loved to show off his beautiful wife. After all, what drew him to her was not only her stunning looks, but, as was the style back then, the short shorts and thin tops with no bra that she wore.

But after the kids arrived, Susan dressed much more conservatively, taking on the role of "Mom." Almost overnight, the stunning wife became, well... a bit ordinary. Edward held his disappointment in check and kept his opinions to himself. He loved that Susan was such a great mother to his children and respected her role as "Mom." But he could not diminish the fact that he had certain desires, and he wished his wife on occasion acted a little more playfully.


Susan knew Edward enjoyed showing her off. In the last few years he had been suggesting she wear more revealing clothing in public. He even began purchasing clothes that he wanted to see her in, whether it was a new bikini, a low cut sexy top, or short dresses. She initially resisted dressing provocatively where she might be seen by people she knew. But when far away on vacation, she was willing to indulge Edward in his wishes. And she had to admit that an additional benefit was a much-improved wardrobe and shoe collection.

A few years ago they had gone on a vacation to the Caribbean, and she wore outfits that she definitely would not be seen wearing at home. She recalled that one night she wore her sexiest dress, and Edward suggested she wear the short dress with no underwear. Susan actually was surprised how good she looked; and also how good she felt. Secretly, she loved the possibility of another man getting a glimpse up her dress, seeing her assets normally reserved and hidden. She found the experience...exhilarating!

Then the next day, Susan became even more daring and finally acquiesced to Edward's multiple requests - she doffed her top and went topless for the first time. Although she was reluctant to do it, she had watched other women walk around topless and always admired their confidence. She decided to just go for it, even though at that particular time, most women there were NOT topless. She felt awkward for the first few minutes, but when no one pointed, stared, or laughed, she got used to it.

She remembered getting up to go to the beach bar for a drink. She noticed a group of guys that were looking straight at her - not even trying to be covert. So instead of putting her top back on, she tossed it back over the sun-lounger and walked up to the bar passing right by those goys.

She felt her nipples harden at their stares and a gentle tingle between her legs. Actually, she felt strangely and deliciously...bad. So, after her initial hesitation and consternation, she realized she actually enjoyed this new "freedom." She found it totally liberating really.

Moreover, after her very first "topless experience," Susan noticed that her husband looked at her with "fresh eyes" and paid much more attention to her, showing a higher level of sexual desire for her. She had rekindled a sexual spark between them has not let up since.

Their sex life was on fire. They talked extensively about that experience. Instead of jealousy, Edward explained, he found those experiences supremely arousing as he watched other guys straining to get a nice view of his wife's tits.. More so, Edward was thrilled with his wife's growing confidence in her own body. This once shy, conservative, frumpy woman was becoming a confident, sexy, and desired temptress again.

Then on another holiday in Greece, they found that most beaches were "clothing optional." Edward was a willing participated first; "When in Rome...," he thought. He encouraged Susan to throw caution to the wind and join him.

Susan was reluctant initially, but eventually convinced herself that nobody knew her, and she removed her bikini top and then slipped off her bottoms. The both of them were on a public beach, completely nude with many others as close as a couple meters away.

Edward noticed a couple of men sitting in front of them paying close attention to his wife. When Edward witnessed another man's growing erection while stroking himself to his nude wife, he had to alert Susan. As he watched his wife slowly open and close her legs, he almost blew a load, right there on a public beach. It was a mind fuck to watch.

Surprisingly, Susan also found that she not only accepted, but really enjoyed, being ogled by strange men. After her first totally nude experience, Susan was surprised at not only how naughty she felt, but also how much she liked it. A side benefit was how much it excited Edward.

Those holiday experiences supercharged their sex life and reinvigorated their marriage. They felt closer to each other more than ever. Their sex life once again sizzled. The experience led to great sex, and more importantly, to open discussions about their sexual desires. bursa sınırsız escort bayan

So with that background, Susan remembered when Edward first talked about this particular fantasy of his.


One night they were lounging in their hot tub, naked of course, and enjoying a beautiful starlit night. The conversation was intimate, and perhaps fueled by wine, when they started talking about their sexual fantasies.

Edward worked up the courage to outline the details of this particular fantasy.

"So honey, you know I love to show you off. I really love it when you get dressed up in sexy clothes. I love when you dress more provacatively and I love the attention you get and how other guys look at you." Edward started, "So I have a fantasy, it goes like this," as he sat up in the hot tub, his voice trembling slightly as he tried his best to speak calmly.

"This should be interesting.".

Edward swallowed hard. Susan's exasperating tone made it more difficult for him. He powered through anyway. "Well in my fantasy, you will be in a bar in the City - a high-class bar frequented by businessmen. You will be dressed in a very sexy outfit; you know - killer dress, high heels, etc. After all, half the fun in this fantasy is seeing what you will be wearing going out for a night on the town."

Susan listened with trepidation about where this was going. She remembered how she felt when she dressed a little racy when they were on holiday, but this was close to home - a place she would not want to be seen dressed like that for fear someone she knew would see her.

Edward noticed the look on Susan's face, gulped and continued, "I would go in first and sit at the bar. Then you would follow some time later and find a seat at the bar, but not next to me. The idea is for you to give the impression that you are there at the bar alone, and therefore,...ahh...eligible."

Susan looked up at the stars. "What do you mean, 'eligible'? So you want me to dress like a slut and try to pick up a guy?"

Edward paused, his heart now beating faster. Looking up at the night sky trying to choose his words carefully. "First, you are not a slut. And well, I thought you would be the one to be picked up."

"I don't understand Edward. Why would you want your wife to be picked up at a bar? And I suppose you want me to flash and expose myself?"

"Let's call it teasing. Expose is such a harsh term. Anyways, you know I think you are a very sexy woman. And for years, I loved the idea of showing off my sexy wife. So when we were on holiday in Punta Cana and Greece, I don't think I've ever been so turned on as when you first went topless, or when you walked on a public beach nude."

Perhaps it was the alcohol working its magic, but Susan's thoughts went to that time on that Greek island where she felt so naughty and sexy.

"It doesn't bother you that guys see your wife's boobs and pussy?" Susan pouted playfully and batted her eyelashes at him.

He smiled as his wife seemed to loosed up. "Look, I cannot explain it. All I know is, when I walked next to you when you were topless, I was so excited to see other guys straining to see your boobs. When you were naked in Greece, my penis was like iron as I watched other guys stare at your naked body. It was like, you know...THIS is MY wife!"

But still Susan was surprised and confused by some of Edward's suggestions. Ir wasn't that long ago that Edward was the jealous type. So now he wanted her to dress in revealing outfits in public, and have men notice her?

A plethora of thoughts and emotions ran though her. On one hand, she was shocked by Edward's suggestion. However, on the other hand, she could not deny that she was feeling a tingle of excitement to dress sexy and do something so wild and naughty.


Edward had preceded Susan into the bar and found a seat between two men dressed in business suits. Just as he ordered a bourbon from the bartender, his cell phone went off. It was a text message from Susan. She was in an UBER car about fifteen minutes away and wanted to make sure he was not having second thoughts. She wanted to make certain that this was still something that he wanted her to do, and to experience together.

He quickly sent a text back, "YES!! I am so excited!"

She responded with a smiley-face emoji and asked if the bar was crowded. Edward responded that there were about fifteen people in the lounge area; six at three high top tables and another nine at the bar. Mostly guys he added.

"Any cute guys?" she asked. He smiled and noticed his cock reacting ever so slightly to the thought of what was to come.

Edward now realized that this was really going to happen. His wife was into it. He was going to watch his wife flirt with strangers, and maybe even try to get picked up in a bar.

The doorman smiled as she approached, looking her up and down, opened the door for her, and gave her a nod.

"Was bursa otele gelen escort bayan that nod a greeting, or a nod of approval?", she thought to herself. As she walked into the lobby, she saw herself in the mirror. A sudden thrill of pride went through her when she saw the tall blonde in an above-the-knee black skirt, white blouse, short leather jacket, and high heels. Her outfit was neither slutty nor flaunting. "For a woman in her 50's," she thought, "I still look good!" The image she saw in the mirror was of a woman who had obviously been working out and kept in shape, and she was willing to celebrate her accomplishment by showing off a little bit.

It was how she was wearing her outfit - the lace-tops of her black stockings that disappeared under her skirt, but may become visible at any time, a white button-down blouse that allowed her to control the amount of cleavage she was was willing to show, and the red heels - a little higher and sexier than one would typically wear to an office, that set her apart from her typical attire. Susan knew she was wearing something she would not typically wear out this close to her home - where she may be recognized.

She typically would not purposely unabashedly flaunt her body. But here she was dressed immodestly seductive in what some would refer to as a "come fuck me" outfit. She was willing to do this for her husband. She felt a another tingle in her pussy that only dressing provocatively in public could bring about. Perhaps she was also doing this for herself?

Initially Susan did not understand Edward's illicit desire to have her go to a bar alone, attract the attention of strange men, then flirt with and tease strange men to the point where they would be convinced she would have sex with them. But after giving it some thought, she had to admit there was something very appealing for her to know she was still desired. For her, and any woman, feeling desired is a great confidence builder. And most women, she supposed, would enjoy being seduced and desired by men.

Susan remembered back to their holiday in Greece. That holiday was one of the defining moments in her life. She discovered her inner sexual desires, long suppressed, that she previously did not even know still existed. She found that being nude on a beach, in front of many others, and being the center of attention was a huge ego boost. Susan enjoyed, and was proud of the attention she received; and she continued to work hard to keep herself in shape.

After Greece, her new-found sexual freedom continued to grow. She craved for sex, often becoming the initiator and aggressor in, and out of the bedroom. She craved to be desired, and even craved for the opportunity to once again unleash her inner exhibitionist. All of these new-found desires may have peaked later in her life, but so what? Better to experience now than always wonder. Now just past fifty, she wanted to experience more. There was no turning back.

How much she had changed. Ordinarily she would have gone out to the City wearing a more conservative, perhaps high-necked dress extending at least down to her knees. But now, her current outfit exposed more than she ever would have considered. Being dressed in such a revealing outfit changed how she felt about herself, and how she acted.

Susan turned and walked past the concierge desk towards the hotel bar located just off the lobby. Pausing at the entrance, she took a deep breath while she took in the scene. She noticed the bar was about half full with mostly men and a few women, almost all well-dressed. She saw Edward sitting at the turn of the bar between a few men.

As she entered the bar and moved towards an empty bar stool, the distinctive click-clack of a sexy woman in heels caused several guys to stop their conversation, turn towards her, and watch her every move. She noticed the guys move to allow her to pass straight to the bar. Susan could feel the eyes of strange men on her. Strangely she was actually enjoying her "entrance". She felt a sense of power in this male dominated bar.


Over the past few years, Edward came to enjoy shopping and purchasing sexy clothes for his wife. More recently, his purchases were becoming more and more risque. Shorter skirts, plunging low cut tops, and the sexiest cocktail dresses were often some of the purchases he made for Susan.

They both enjoyed a game they called the "Fashion Show". They would set a date in advance for the "Fashion Show", open up a bottle of wine, and the show would begin. Susan would try on the newest purchases, trying different props such as high heels, bra or no bra, panties, no panties. They would create and talk about places they would go with Susan dressed sexy in those outfits. They both would enjoy this little game, and the end would always culminate in great sex, often with Susan wearing a particularly sexy outfit and re-enacting a certain fantasy.

For this night out, Edward's cock began to grow as he watched his wife shave her pussy, keeping only a very thin strip of hair. Edward loved that look, and she knew it. Thoughts flashed in his mind that she was preparing her pussy in the hopes that some "other man" may see a flash of it in a few hours. "I wonder how she plans on 'accidentally' flashing that pussy," he thought to himself as he felt his cock grow in his pants.
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