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Standart A New Life Ch. 08

En Ateşli Sex İçin Arayın 0023780009232
Chapter Five is still pending, for some reason, Lit is taking its time making the changes that I have made. This is the final chapter in the story. For those that followed this story from the beginning and still want to find out what happened in Chapter Five, please see my profile. Thank you!
Chapter Eight: Settling Down
So, I was wrong," Jaquelyn shrugged. "There is always one that out of the bunch."
We all laughed as we sat on the beach. It had been a long drive out here, but it was nice to see the ocean. Francis had picked a wonderful place, it was small and quiet, but the view was beautiful.
As usual, the guys were off doing their own thing while the rest of us women took in the sun and the view.
"Did he pound you into submission?" Cassandra asked. She and Timothy had met us at the resort this morning.
"No," I said, very disappointed, I had moved my ass all over the bed and onto Andre's crotch, trying to get him to take me, but he was too damned polite. Even this morning, I tried to make attempts, but I got an ass grab, and then he was in the shower.
"Maybe he is being polite, you did tell him you wanted to go slow," Sabrina pointed out.
"Not at a snail's pace," I shook my head.
The rest of them laughed. "Gary took the hint," Sabrina smiled.
"I heard," Jaquelyn shook her head. "The walls of that hotel are paper thin!"
"No, you didn't," Sabrina replied in shock.
"Oh yeah," Jaquelyn nodded. "Surprised a man that skinny can make a big woman like you scream that loud."
"Oh, he works wonders with that tongue of his," Sabrina smiled.
"Come on," Cassandra said, shaking her head. "Too much information!"
"Oh, like you didn't tell us all about Timothy and his stamina," Francis shook her head. "Timothy can go for hours, he hardly ever needs a break," Francis said, mocking Cassandra.
"Well, he doesn't," Cassandra smiled. "He's like the energizer bunny, keeps going and going."
"What about Drake?" I asked Francis.
Francis shook her head. "I am sure he thinks about other women, mainly you," she said, looking at Sabrina.
"I told him last night, to stop, I was pretty adamant, and so was Gary," Sabrina said.
Drake had been hitting on Sabrina again this morning. As soon as we got here, he had tried to lay on the charm. It wasn't like Sabrina was better looking than the rest of us. I was sure it was because she was the youngest.
Nathan was a few moments away from kicking his ass. When Jaquelyn had to restrain him, Drake took the hint and returned to their room.
Andre shook his head and didn't want to talk about it. He felt sorry for Francis.
Later Drake apologized and said it wouldn't happen again and that he was overly friendly. But I knew he was just upset that he had been caught and that Sabrina wasn't falling for it.
The day progressed well, and later that night, we all went to a local restaurant. The food was exquisite, and even Jaquelyn and I laughed at the looks some of the locals gave us. Of course, Jaquelyn, who was always one to stoke a fire, told two locals to take a picture because it would last longer.
The older man shouted back that were traitorous bitches, and we should be sorry for what we were doing. Of course, Andre and Nathan wanted to stand up for us, but we had it covered. By the end of the conversation, the older man and his wife were leaving the restaurant while Jaquelyn and I laughed.
After finding him flirting with one of the younger waitresses on the pier outside the restaurant, Francis sent Drake home. Drake wasn't too happy about being shown the door.
"Sorry about Drake," Andre said as just the two of us walked the shoreline.
"What's to be sorry about?" I asked.
"I know you guys wanted this to be a good weekend," Andre said.
"It's an excellent weekend, Drake did nothing to ruin it," I shook my head. "There are good guys and bad guys, good women and bad women," I shrugged.
I told him about my dad and how he raised four children on his own after my mother decided she didn't want to be a mother anymore. One day she went out for groceries and never returned. My father had been the cornerstone of my life.
Andre hardly knew his parents, but he said his uncle raised him the best that he could.
We walked back and forth along the shoreline, kicking our feet in the water and enjoying each other's company.
Finally, at midnight we decided to go back to the room. This time I was going to make sure that Andre knew I wanted something to happen.
Earlier this afternoon, most of us went into the small town and went shopping. I picked out something sure to turn Andre's head.
I had never bought anything so revealing and risqué in my life, and even as I looked in the mirror, I didn't know how he would react. I wasn't like Jaquelyn, Francis or Cassandra; I didn't have the type of body that something like this would look sexy on. I had a big stomach, thick thighs and escort london an enormous ass with huge tits.
Lingerie never was meant for big girls, but I wanted to make sure that Andre knew that I wanted more, and I was hoping this did the trick.
"Well, here we go," I said as I opened the bathroom door that led to the bedroom.
Andre was watching something on television and didn't turn his head right away. I slightly coughed, and Andre turned to look at me.
Immediately he stopped and stared, and his eyes went wide.
"It looks horrible, doesn't it?" I asked. Unsure if it did the trick or not.
The television turned off, and Andre reached forward and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed.
"Okay, so it did work," I smiled as Andre's hands were all over me.
I barely had time to react before I was naked on the bed next to him. Andre had magical hands that turned my engine from idle to full
throttle, if that wasn't the end, he started kissing my way down my body.
I didn't want to think about it but or him, but Henry's feeble attempt came shooting into my head, but it went flying back out as Andre's tongue worked itself into me. Andre lifted my vast legs and dived face first between them.
I had never felt anything like what came next. It felt like nothing I had been through. I grabbed the top of Andre's head and pulled it towards me as he continued to use his tongue, face and fingers to get me off.
The moment I thought he would stop was when he would push further.
It felt like I was about to explode internally.
"Yes!" I screamed, digging my nails into the back of his head.
I had watched videos of women that came like this but never thought it would happen to me. My body reacted to Andre's actions. The first one came fast, then another right on its heels. Before I knew it, I was cumming hard, over and over.
I felt terrible for Andre as I squirted on his face and over the bed, but he acted like I had done nothing and was still going.
I had to beg him to stop so I could feel my lower extremities.
"Did I do something wrong?" Andre asked in the most innocent voice.
I kissed him hard, wet face and all. I couldn't care less. He had done something that I never thought was possible for me, at least.
"Okay," I said as I started to lower myself.
Andre's cock was massive, not just long, but very thick. There was no way this thing would fit into my mouth. Even trying as best as I could, its head barely got into my mouth, with both hands wrapped around it.
I had an idea, and I quickly got into position. Leaning slightly forward and placing Andre's legs on either side of my torso, I managed to get his dick at chest level.
"Wow!" Andre said as I wrapped my big tits around his cock.
'Got ya!' I thought as I saw the familiar sight of a man in heaven.
I bounced my big tits up and down his cock, making sure to lick its head as it popped out from between them. I loved looking at Andre as he tried to stop himself from cumming. The more he tried, the harder I bounced my tits.
I watched as his black cock disappeared and reappeared between them and knew he wouldn't last much longer.
Just as I thought, a few more minutes went by, and Andre thrust his hips upwards and came between my tits. It looked like a geyser shooting warm white liquid onto the top of my tits.
We went to bed in each other's arms, and I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed my tits. 'Finally!' I thought as I fell asleep.
The Vegas trip was a total bust. The flights were delayed both going there and coming back. And as much as I wanted to get laid, it didn't happen. I ate something that didn't agree with me, and I was laid out in bed for the whole night.
I tried to get Andre to go with the others, but instead, he chose to stay with me and watch re-runs of television shows. Since it was his first time in Vegas, I felt sorry for him, but he said he had fun playing nurse.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~
Things didn't get better when we returned. Andre's uncle turned for the worse and had to be put into hospice. A few days later, he passed away. Andre was heartbroken, but he kept a strong face and powered through most of it.
I met some of the family, and they were happy to see that Andre had finally met someone that showed an interest in not just him but everything about him.
I helped Andre pack the tiny house. Alexander, Derek and I promised him we would fix it up without changing too much and make sure it went to good people.
Another thing happened that surprised me. I was on the way home from selling another house when I got a call from Benjamin. It was out of the blue and very unexpected.
We talked for hours about the changes in our lives. Benjamin no longer practiced law. Instead, he was an intown truck driver hauling goods for a large warehouse chain in California.
I was shocked when he said he dubai escorts lived in California now. He also had no interest in politics, either running or paying attention to what was going on. Which blew my mind as he was always glued to the television and conservative radio.
Then he broke it down to me that he had remarried.
Benjamin sent me a picture of his new wife. She looked good, much thinner than me, and had long brown hair. They looked good together.
That's when I told him about me, first about Henry, which he had a good laugh about, and joked about me dating a cop. Then I told him about Andre.
At first, there was silence, and I expected the talk about dating outside my ethnicity, but I heard crying instead. Then Benjamin started apologizing for everything he had said and done while we were together and how his new wife had opened his eyes to everything around him.
They had gone backpacking across the country, and he got to see different walks of life and how people lived, and it made him feel small and his ideas insignificant to the grand scheme of everything going on around us.
I had to smile and called him a hippie. He laughed and said he would never have seen things like that, but he was happier now and wanted me to tell the children to reach out to him when they felt like it.
I knew just talking to him, Debra would be interested. As for the rest, it would take time. Especially my guard dog Sheila, she would be the last to contact him.
Andre took some time for himself and closed the shop for a while. He went back to the islands to be with some of his other family, but we stayed in touch, and he promised he would return soon. I understood that he wanted to take his uncle's remains back home.
The holidays came up fast and furious, and we all decided to rent a cabin in the mountains, away from everything. Andre laughed at me when he returned, and I told him we would go skiing and camping.
"Black people don't ski," Andre laughed as we got up to the mountains.
"Sure, they do," Sheila smiled. "I have seen plenty at the Olympics," she laughed.
"We don't claim them," Andre smiled.
"What too scared?" Mason asked.
"Scared of hitting a tree, yes," Andre replied.
"It will be fun," Pamela said. "Just avoid the trees and the cliffs."
"That's it, I am going back home," Andre laughed.
We all laughed and joked for the first night in the large log cabin.
It was nice to see the family having fun. Even laughing as loud as we could. Even the grandchildren liked Andre. The younger ones loved playing elevator with Andre's muscular arms, they would hold onto his arms, and he would lift them off the ground.
I went out onto the balcony and saw Mason holding a warm mug.
"Thoughts?" I asked as I joined him.
He was the oldest of my kids by only a few minutes, but he was always brooding or thinking about something.
"You're happy," he said, looking at me.
"Absolutely," I nodded. "That a bad thing?"
"I came up here expecting to talk you out of this," Mason said, turning to look inside as everyone was having fun. "I thought you were just jumping from one bad relationship to another."
"Sheila thought the same thing, and for a while so did I," I nodded. "But he's good for me, and good to me, I promise."
"I can see that," Mason nodded. "For the first time, even when you were with Ben, I feel helpless," Mason said.
"Helpless?" I shook my head. "You have always looked out for us, all of us, now you have someone to share that responsibility with, he isn't taking it away from you, or trying to replace you. Talk to him and you will see that he would love to share the load with you."
Mason nodded. "I am just happy that you're happy for a change," he smiled.
"Very," I nodded as we hugged. "Now, let's go inside it's freezing out here."
Mason and Andre did have that talk the next day, and for once, I saw Mason smiling next to a man I loved.
Skiing wasn't Andre's forte as he fell many times before Jimmy and the others told him to quit while he was ahead.
We spent Christmas in the cabin sharing gifts and eating dinner. And unlike the last one, when we parted, it felt almost too short.
Andre and I took the flight home while most of the others were taking the long drive back home. I had houses to get back on the market, and Andre wanted to open his shop.
"So, I did good?" Andre asked as we sat on the plane.
"Wait until we get home, and I will show you," I said as I lay my head on his shoulders.
Andre kissed my forehead, and I fell asleep. I loved him more than I loved Benjamin. He had done the impossible. All of my kids and their counterparts loved him and the grandkids; we had to take poor Taylor off him as we left because she didn't want him to go.
I told them all about Benjamin, and as I thought Debra volunteered to be the guinea pig and talk to him, the others were skeptical, Escort Dubai but she was always the one to give someone a second or third chance.
"So, we are home," Andre said as we got settled down at my house.
Andre had moved in, and although I thought it would be a terrible mistake moving this fast, it proved to be the best thing possible. Of course, there were slight hiccups here and there, but nothing is ever perfect.
"Bedroom, now!" I said as I ordered him up the stairs.
"Now?" Andre asked. "Don't you want to...."
I gave him a look, and we sped up the stairs.
Clothes came off in a flurry of movement. Since that night at the beach, we hadn't been together, and I couldn't wait any longer to know what it felt like to have his large cock inside me.
It didn't take long, for as soon as we got onto the bed, and I laid out on my back. I felt the large head of Andre's huge cock at the entrance. He rubbed it up and down, teasing me. "Put it in!" I yelled.
Immediately I gasped as the total size stretched me to the limit. I hadn't even got the head of it, and I was already clawing at the sheets.
"Go slow," I said as Andre pushed more of his monster cock into me.
I reached for and started sucking on my nipples as more of his cock pushed into me, filling me, stretching me. I looked down as Andre put my legs onto his shoulders.
Sheila was right. The color contrast was terrific to see. I watched as his black cock entered me and couldn't believe I had only taken less than half of it inside of me. I shook my head and urged him to put more of it in.
Andre slowly pushed deeper into me, and it felt like he was in my stomach.
"There," I said as it started to hurt more than it felt good.
Andre started fucking me, never going further than I wanted him to. He paid attention to me as I began to love the feeling of his large cock pounding into me repeatedly.
Andre stopped suddenly, and then he grabbed my legs and twisted them.
'Of course,' I thought, as I got on all fours. He wanted to see my ass bounce off him.
"Not in my ass!" I warned him.
"Of course not," Andre said as he entered me from behind.
Again, I gasped as his large cock started pounding my insides. Andre grabbed my hips and started pulling me back onto him. Then he slapped my ass while fucking me.
For a man in his forties, he had stamina as he kept going and going.
Then I felt it, the slight twitch. Then it happened again. Andre was about to cum, I waited to feel him filling me with his cum, but he quickly pulled out and came on my ass.
"Why did you do that?" I asked.
"I didn't know if you wanted me to," Andre replied.
"I definitely wanted you to," I nodded with a smile.
"I have never stayed inside," Andre admitted. "Not without protection."
"Honey, the baby factory has been closed for many years," I smiled.
"You can cum inside as many times as you want."
Instantly I saw his cock throb as I said that. I smiled and knew it wouldn't take long for another go-round.
I was right. Andre had many turns to cum inside me that night and every other time. And after a few months, we were doing it everywhere we could, and I took more of it into me each time.
I finally felt his large balls slapping against me the other night as he fucked me from behind, Andre's favorite position. I loved being on top, but both of our favorites was me tit fucking him. I still couldn't get it in my mouth, but he didn't mind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"And for you, from me," Sheila said as she handed me a present.
It was my birthday, and all the women had thrown me a surprise birthday party. No men.
I quickly opened it and saw that it was a shirt. It said, 'Andre's Cum Dumpster!' in bold print on the front.
At first, I shook my head, and then I nodded. "I like it," I nodded. "Can you get it in black and white, green and white isn't our color?" I said.
"Mom, it's a gag gift," Sheila said, holding another present.
"I know, but I really want one," I nodded as I folded it up. "Preferable a black shirt with white writing."
"You can get the writing in liquid, so it looks like it's dripping!" Jaquelyn said.
"Yes!" I nodded.
"You should put that spade emblem on the back, and you can wear it outside," Francis said.
"I am definitely wearing it out," I said.
"Guys, it's a joke," Sheila said, shaking her head.
"I want to get one now," Sabrina said. "But with Gary's name on it!"
"We should all get one," Cassandra nodded.
"Different colors," I nodded.
"Guys, seriously, you can't wear them outside people will stare," Sheila said.
"Next Vegas trip!" Jaquelyn flicked her fingers.
'Yes!" we all said in unison.
Sheila shook her head. "I can't with you guys," she said as she looked at us.
I hugged my daughter. "You love us," I smiled.
"I do, but seriously no wearing these shirts out," Sheila said.
"Watch us," Francis smiled.
Later that night, I wore just the shirt as Andre got out of the bathroom. He took one look at it and jumped onto the bed.
I love being Andre's cum dumpster.
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