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Standart Wayside 3.5 - Under-the-bleachers

En Ateşli Sex İçin Arayın 0023780009232
Interlude: Under-the-bleachers Treatment
All characters are 18 years of age or older
Author's Note: This interlude is intended to supplement the limited sexual action from Episode 3 of the Wayside High series. The third episode focused on advancing the plot and characters and I struggled to make the story more erotic. But, when I added more action, my additions seemed forced. I had an idea for this silly side story, so I'm able to get some fun new characters some screen time. Although it is light on plot elements, I hope you will enjoy, nonetheless.
Betty Fawx, the cheer coach, regarded her three senior cheerleaders, hard at work. They were on their knees, each enthusiastically fellating one of three of the senior star football players. It was hot in the midday sun, though the group was shaded under the bleachers. A steady breeze ruffled ponytails on bobbing heads.
Coach Fawx, as she was known to the students, stood with hands on hips, appraising the skill of each girl. She had an unbreaking determination to be the best high school cheer squad in the county. She even aspired to raise her reputation to best in the state and beyond. Good cocksuckers were essential to the squad's prestige.
"Megan, use both hands," the coach said sternly to the dark-haired head cheerleader. She then spoke louder, addressing the whole group. "Remember girls, your hands should always be contributing. Rub his balls, stroke him, caress his thigh or grab his ass and encourage him. You can even finger yourself or play with your tits. Keep those hands moving!"
Megan brought her idle hand up to join her other one, with both now cupping a heavy ballsack. She was an experienced cocksucker, in her senior year. As the head cheerleader, Megan took pride in her work. Coach Fawx was demanding and often had her lead the squad in giving certain players "under-the-bleachers" treatment. Sometimes even players on the other school's teams.
The cheer squad could elect cheer practice for their PE credit, so Coach Faux held afternoon practices during the school day. The top girls got to stay late and would get a pass for being tardy to their next classes. Each girl still wore the cheer uniform: yellow sleeveless vest top with the school's beaver mascot logo on the chest with black trim, and black and yellow pleated skirt with white socks and white shoes. Normally, the vest top showed quite a bit of the girls' midriff, but now, each girl knelt in the grass with tops lifted over their bare breasts, displaying them for the boys they serviced.
Megan absolutely loved sucking cock and was surprised the one she was working hadn't erupted yet. While two hands worked the balls, she bobbed rapidly, then throated Simon's thick dark shaft. Her gag reflex threatened. Simon was on the larger side, and thick. Megan inhaled deeply through her nose and recovered. Sinking to full deepthroat, she jammed her tongue out through stretched lips around his shaft. She wiggled it on his balls as she used her hands to press them against her lips, blinking up at the large linebacker.
Simon Slater placed both meaty hands on Megan's dark, smooth hair, just above her ponytail, gazing down at her dark blue eyes. He looked down at her as she looked up, her bright red lips nestled in his short wiry pubes. She blinked up at him. Simon could see the determination behind her almond-shaped upturned eyes. Her wet tongue wagged pleasantly on his wrinkled balls as she rubbed them for him.
He'd had a blowjob from Megan before. Several and he considered her one of the best in the whole school. As the head cheerleader, she was an excellent cocksucker, but she'd never let him fuck her. As one of the hottest girls at Wayside, she was the trophy cheerleader, but as far as Simon knew, the only one lucky enough to have fucked Megan was Victor, their quarterback.
Most of the cheerleaders would agree to blowjobs on request, but Coach Fawx discouraged her girls from fucking the players for some reason. Simon didn't get it, but the coach was adamant that the Beaver squad avoid being labelled as sluts. Fair enough. In his experience, they were all above average cocksuckers.
Megan's long ponytail hair swayed behind her as she turned her head back and forth, showing off her deepthroat ability. She turned her flawless oval-shaped face up to Simon again, letting drool run down her chin. The spit joined the mess running down her neck, smeared over her bunched cheer top, and made its way down onto her chest. She had very pale skin and her perky C-cup tits wobbled as she throated Simon's raging erection. Her stiff, pointy nipples were brownish-pink, dragging on Simon's bare thighs as she worked.
"Very nice, Megan," Coach Fawx encouraged.
Simon felt his balls boil. He could blow his load right now, right down Megan's throat, but he wanted to make her work for it. He liked her, but dammit, he wanted to fuck her and she'd spurned his attempts at sex. He thought of her as pretentious and wanted to put her little ass in her place. He adjusted ankara escort bayanlar his grip, one hand closing at the base of her ponytail and the other moving to where her head met the back of her neck, below her ponytail. He pulled her head against him and started using short strokes to work her throat with his cock.
Megan's eyes squeezed shut as she focused. Her hands went to his thighs. Simon began face fucking her, causing her to make periodic glurping sounds, probing deep into the head cheerleader's throat. He made sure to press his tightening balls against her chin with each stroke.
"That's it girls, active hands, active tongues," Betty called out.
The tall blonde coach moved slowly around the group. Her flat white sneakers made almost no noise on the soft grass under the bleachers. Her ass jiggled slightly in her tight black high-waisted hotpant shorts, as did her DD tits, fully covered in a yellow racerback sports bra. Betty liked to show off her 32 year-old body, even around the students. She worked out excessively and was proud of it. She was also a confident exhibitionist. Her nipples stood out firmly, protruding against the yellow sports bra. Even her puffy areolae made visible shapes around her thick, jutting nipples. The cleft of her pussy could be seen in the black material of her camel-toed shorts.
Betty moved from Simon and Megan to the next couple. She stepped up beside Kyle Carter, the star wide receiver. He was lanky with dark features and a boyish face. He was shorter than Simon, the linebacker, but was still taller than Betty. Mei Ling knelt in front of him, bobbing steadily on his hard, long cock.
Mei Ling was the only Asian girl on the squad and one of Betty's favorites. She was very bright, only needing to see a routine once to memorize it perfectly and moved with incredible dexterity. Betty watched her work, finding her oral skills impressive. Mei Ling's tongue swirled over Kyle's mushroom crown even as her head bobbed steadily. This was a move that most girls struggled to learn. Mei Ling was Meagan's biggest threat to her spot as head cheerleader.
"Very nice tongue work, Mei Ling," the coach commented.
Mei Ling sort of moaned in acknowledgement, her concentration on the stiff prick in her mouth. Her small but firm hands continuously massaged Kyle's dangling balls. He groaned in response, moving his gaze from Coach Faux's camel toe to her jiggling ass as she moved her way to the third team.
Victor Haynes stood last in line, almost out of the shade entirely. He wasn't as big as Simon, but he was still big and his muscular dark body was incredibly well defined. Betty stepped up beside him, regarding the cute cheerleader kneeling at Victor's feet. At the moment, her cute face was somewhat obscured by Victor's veiny black shaft as she sucked on his dangling nuts.
"How is she doing?" Betty asked Victor, eying the girl. As the quarterback and probably the most popular guy at Wayside, she respected Victor's opinion on blowjobs.
"Not bad... a little dry," he commented, observing Coach Fawx's big tits in the tight sports bra.
Ashley was a fresh-faced new recruit from Wayside's rival: Valley High. She had thick blondish-brown hair, large blue eyes, and bombshell curves. She held Victor's cock with one hand, too girthy for her fingers to touch. Her lips were sealed around his left nut as her hand massaged his right nut.
"Don't be afraid to spit on it, girls. Guys like it sloppy, so saliva is your friend," Coach Fawx instructed loudly.
Hearing coach's instructions, Ash let his balls pop free. She used one hand to pin his shaft against his rippling abs and gathered a mouthful of saliva. With a loud, "Ptoooh," she spat on his balls, using the hand holding them to rub it in. She looked up at Victor and Betty with a long string of drool hanging from her chin, seeking approval. Though Ashley was somewhat inexperienced, Betty thought she had real potential.
"Go ahead and spit on the head too, Ash. Don't be shy," Betty advised.
Ashley sat back on her heels, looking sheepishly up at Victor. She had both hands on his shaft now and his swollen shiny head stuck out from between her grip. Her eyes fell to it, it's one eye winking at her.
"Ptttoh," she spat again. The wet wad landed on her fingers, gripping his dick. "Ooops." Her eyes went to Betty. "I missed."
"That's ok." Betty stepped over to Ashley and knelt. "Rub that in, good. Now, actually 'spitting' (she made air quotes) isn't always the best way to get him nice and sloppy. Some guys do enjoy having their dicks 'spat on', because it kind of looks like a reverse cumshot, like this."
Betty made eye contact with Ashley as she explained. She took Victor's cock from the younger girl's grip and moved her eyes from Ash to Victor.
"PTTUH!" She spit a sloppy wad onto Victor's cock while keeping eye contact with him. The wet wad mostly snagged onto his fat head, but some trailed down the top of his shaft where she held it, two handed.
Victor ankara esmer escortlar tensed. He was indeed tempted to fire his cum right back onto her face after her display. Betty looked up at him, smiling.
She felt his shaft throb in her hands. Clear precum bubbled from his tip. "See?"
The kneeling girls watched, nodding and stroking the boys' cocks, who also watched the cheer coach.
"So, barring the visual impact, a more efficient way to spread your spit is what I like to call the reverse lick. Start with gathering your spit, then pool it on your tongue and lick DOWN on the head, using the underside of your tongue, like this..." Her voice thickened as she spoke, her mouth filling with drool.
Coach Fawx's cheeks hollowed and she looked up at Victor. Using two hands to bring his head to her lips, her tongue darted out, flicked up, then she brought it down over Victor's cock tip. He issued a low moan, almost a growl, as he felt her tongue swirl a wet swath over his tip. Betty continued the downward motion with her mouth, now taking in his entire head. Her hands moved to his balls as she put his cock in her throat and kept sinking. Just ahead of her lowering lips, a wave of spit oozed down his shaft. By the time she throated him fully, nose pressing into his abs, the saliva was pouring over his balls. She used her hands to rub his wet balls against her chin and jutting tongue.
Quite the advanced move.
Victor grunted, forcing himself to clench up to prevent climaxing. Coach Fawx occasionally would demonstrate on the boys, but she'd never gave out full blowjobs. He had always been curious and as he enjoyed her throat, he fought the urge to fill her tight tunnel with cum.
"Wooooow," Ashley said, awed, her wide eyes going from her coach to the standing Victor, as if to gauge his pleasure.
Megan was well practiced at this move and demonstrated it herself on Simon's thick cock. She struggled to throat his girth as Coach Fawx had with Victor but managed the move at almost the same speed. Megan rubbed and licked at Simon's balls, mimicking her coach, then placed two fingers on the spot behind them, pressing gently. The spot was growing puffier and she massaged it with wet fingers.
It was a move that worked on some guys and Megan had used it to make Simon come before. She was getting desperate.
'Come on, I want that big finish!' she thought, not wanting to be shown up by Mei Ling in front of Coach Faux. 'What is taking him so long?' Megan wondered.
Next to Megan, Mei Ling worked Kyle. She was also well-practiced with the reverse lick. She had both hands on his shaft, stroking the full length of his hard, curved member with determination. Without breaking pace, she slathered his dick head with spit, took him deep, then pumped her mouth on him. Her hands were on his butt cheeks and she used them to pull him toward her, encouraging him to give her his all.
Mei Ling blinked up at the cute wideout, showing him her large, dark eyes. She felt the dick in her mouth pulse as it sprayed liquid against the back of her throat.
"uuuuuh," Kyle said. His voice bubbled out of him, as if involuntarily, rising in pitch. "UNHHHH...".
He pulled out as his cock issued a stream of precum. Mei Ling felt it spritz against her face, flinching slightly, but then sticking out her tongue to give Kyle a target. She felt his ass cheeks clench in her hands while she looked up at him.
He stared down at her upturned face, stroking. Mei Ling paused, anticipating his ejaculation. Had he came? That first jet down her throat, then the second weak spray across her face? Unsure, she moved a hand to his balls, nodding encouragingly and sort of half-laughing, half-moaning, tongue out.
"AH!" Kyle grunted, rising onto his toes. His cock spat a thick wad of cum onto the top of Mei Ling's dark hair. It was stark white against the midnight black of her hair.
Mei Ling began softly laughing happily, content to get her guy off first. She gently rolled his balls in her palm with her fingers.
"AH!" Kyle flinched, his cock spurting. His cum leaped from his cock in thick, heavy shots. He worked his way down Mei Ling's face, leaving a slimy trail of spunk over her forehead, then nose, then left cheek, then upper lip and finally let his cock head land on her outstretched tongue.
Betty noticed Kyle spraying his load onto Mei Ling's face.
"Oh very nice, Mei Ling!" Coach Fawx encouraged, walking over to the climaxing Kyle. He didn't shoot powerful bursts, but she noticed how thick his cum was. He seemed to be trying to lay a stripe of his glue-like ejaculate down the middle of Mei Ling's face. The kneeling cheerleader rubbed Kyle's balls while her other hand had found its way to her left breast. She was gently pinching her stiff left nipple.
"When he takes over as he ejaculates, try to take his load with grace. Good work there," Betty coached.
"Aaaaaah," Kyle sighed, finally sinking back from standing on his toes. Mei Ling closed her sincan grup yapan escortlar lips around his arching shaft, sucking out lumps of cum.
Betty blew her whistle loudly to signal the first completed blowjob. "Great job Mei Ling!"
Kneeling and swallowing, Mei Ling beamed with Kyle's cock deflating in her mouth, smiling as her coach praised her. Betty had to admit that the talented asian's cocksucking prowess continued to make an impression. She raised her gaze to Kyle.
"Hit the showers," she said, slapping his bare ass.
Megan couldn't believe it. She usually won "under-the-bleachers" by completing her blowjobs first, but occasionally another cheerleader beat her to it. She'd never gotten last place in her cheerleading campaign at Wayside. She blinked up at Simon, pressing her mouth against him and pulling him toward her. Simon got the idea and began face fucking her again. Megan applied steady pressure to the puffy spot behind his balls, trying to will the cum out of the boy's loins.
As she bobbed, Ashley found herself humming happily around Victor's shaft. Humming was something she did regularly in her everyday tasks, almost involuntarily. She had her brown/blonde streaked hair arranged in pigtails on either side of her head and Victor had one in each hand as her mouth moved up and down steadily. She wasn't even trying that hard.
Victor, on the other hand, was trying his hardest not to come. He loved "under-the-bleachers" and knew the girls wouldn't become discouraged no matter how long he held out. He also knew a prolonged orgasm would lead to a bigger money shot. He loved watching girls react to his huge cum loads, especially Coach Fawx. But he had to stop thinking about blowing his load if he was going to extend the blowjob. Victor turned his gaze and thoughts from the busty coach to the cheerleader on the tip of his hard, dark erection.
Ashley stroked him with both hands, her mouth working up and down along with her hands. Victor saw her big bulging tits, wobbling below her. They bobbed heavily on her chest, lifting and dropping as she sucked his cock. Her large natural breasts had the tiniest bit of sag on them, despite her young age. They were just that heavy. Swaying massively under her lifted cheer top, they were peaked with large, perfectly round nipples, just slightly pinker than her pale pink skin.
He stooped slightly, reaching down to paw at them as Ashley continued her blowjob. As the quarterback, he had large hands, but her supple, abundant tit flesh spilled out of his grip. He squeezed her big tits. Her nipples stiffened and a moan interrupted her humming. Victor pulled on her stiff nubs and they surged harder, growing longer in his pinching fingers. Ashley moaned again, as if pleading with him.
"Coach Fawx?!" This was Simon, still vigorously face fucking Megan. She continued making a glucking sound as he plundered her throat.
The coach had been focused on watching Ashley pleasure Victor. Kyle had already left and Betty was standing with Mei Ling, giving Ashley pointers. Coach Fawx turned to Simon as he stood over Megan. Betty noticed that Simon had been staring at her ass in her black hotpant shorts.
"What is it, Simon?"
He couldn't hold back any longer. He'd handled Megan roughly, doing his best to punish her. But she'd taken all he could give. He felt that she'd won by being able to get him off despite his contrary efforts. He didn't want to give her the satisfaction of getting his cum. An idea popped into his mind, aligning with a long-held fantasy of his.
"Can I come on your ass?" he blurted, then wondering if he'd asked for too much, he added, "uhh, ma'am... Can I come on your ass, ma'am?"
Coach Fawx padded over to Simon and Megan. He was no longer face fucking her, though Megan bobbed on his short, thick dick relentlessly. Betty never pleasured the boys but demonstrated on them occasionally. She wanted the girls to be the strength of the squad. They had to be adept to maintain their prestige. The MILF coach was reluctant to get involved.
Betty observed Simon's cock as it plunged in and out of Megan's mouth. Then she met his eyes. He was sweating and the obvious intent in his eyes told her that he was seconds away from ejaculating. Megan had gotten him off. What was the harm if some of the boy's cum landed on her? He wanted to, that much was obvious. She found the thought of his desire to shoot his cum onto her to be incredibly arousing.
Betty stepped over to Megan, the girl's dark-haired head still bobbing. She spun to face away from Simon and bent over slightly. He watched in disbelief as the coach got into position. Was she actually going to let him spunk on her ass? Pleasure surged from his core. He couldn't stop his orgasm now.
With a smirking smile, she looked over her right shoulder at the gawking senior linebacker behind her. She jammed her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and tugged them over her the broad swell of her ass cheeks. The elastic stretched, strained by her bubble butt. She peeled the shorts down, revealing more and more of her huge, apple-shaped cheeks. Her supple ass was pale and rippling. Simon watched as the material slid down, wondering where her panties were. They had to be in there somewhere, snagged under the tight black material, right?
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