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sable-3sablicious intent by perry47The night before SummerSlam 2003, the man-b**st Rhyno is the hotel gym, dressed in a black tank top and black shorts, lifting weights up and down as he prepares for the four-way match for the United States Championship that's taking place at the pay-per-view. "Benoit. Guerrero. Tajiri. I'm gonna gore each of them." Rhyno grunts as sweat drips off of his powerful arms as he works out.Outside of the hotel gym lurks the slyly seductive and extremely manipulative Sable. Sable raises an eyebrow as she glances into the gym, spotting the man-b**st known as Rhyno. Sable, dressed in a short white skirt and an extremely revealing black top, presses her lips together. "Perfect..." Sable says with a sly smirk before she casually steps into the gym of the hotel. Sable instantly locks her manipulative eyes on the muscular and powerful Rhyno "Oh...why hello there..." Sable says with a soft laugh "And here I thought with it being so late at night, I'd have the whole gym to myself..." Sable says despite the fact that she is not dressed for a workout.Rhyno grunts as he puts the weights down, "Well you don't..." Rhyno says with a bit of a snort as he pushes some of his greasy black hair out his face to wipe sweat from his forehead.Sable raises an eyebrow as she starts to casually walk over towards the sweating, muscular man-b**st. "Hmmmm...you have a pretty big match tomorrow night don't you?" Sable asks as she tosses her beautiful, smooth blond hair back.Yeah I do..." Rhyno answers with a raised eyebrow as Sable comes towards him.Sable slyly rubs her hands together "You have a huge opportunity tomorrow night, you know tuzla escort that don't you?" Sable asks before she laughs and answers her own question "Oh! Why of course you do...you've dreamed of this moment your entire career, am I correct?" Sable asks with a seductively raised eyebrow, before she continues to speak "But then again...if I had control over your career, I would've made sure you had all the Championships you could ever want..."Rhyno grunts as he locks his eyes on Sable, "What? You wanna manage me or something?" Rhyno asks as he slightly snaps the extremely sly and beautiful Diva.Sable smirks as she steps behind Rhyno and gently places her hands onto his powerful, muscular shoulders "You could say that..." Sable says slyly."You don't have anything I want..." Rhyno says with a snort as he feels Sable smoothly moving her hands over his powerful shoulders.Sable presses her lips together as she leans forward to whisper into Rhyno's ear, while massaging his strong shoulders "Of course I do...I have what every man wants...""Yeah? And what's that?" Rhyno asks as he feels Sable's lips lightly brush against his ear lobe.Sable slyly and softly laughs into Rhyno's ear "You obviously don't know me...I just don't give to everyone, only those who are very special." Sable pauses and flicks her tongue against Rhyno's ear "First you have to consider my services as your manager..."Rhyno raises an eyebrow before he starts to turn to face Sable, "Then show me what ya got to offer... I'm not patient and I hate bullshit games," Rhyno snorts. Sable licks her luscious, sly lips and locks her manipulative eyes with Rhyno's intense, fierce eyes before tuzla escort bayan she places her hands against the front of Rhyno's black shorts and starts to slyly lower them from his powerful waist. Rhyno raises an eyebrow and keeps his eyes locked on Sable's eyes as she pushes down his black shorts until his fat eleven inch cock is freed.Sable raises an eyebrow and smirks at Rhyno "Impressive..." Sable says slyly before she sinks down to her knees in front of the fierce man-b**st as she wraps her manipulative hands around his hardening and extremely fat cock, while she smoothly strokes her hands against his shaft."Mmmm..." Rhyno grits his teeth and grunts slightly as Sable moves both of her hands back and forth along the length of his extremely thick cock. The a****listic man-b**st pulls off his tank-top revealing his powerfully built and somewhat compact upper body that is dripping with sweat from his workout.Sable licks her lips and nods her head "Mmmm...perfect, absolutely perfect..." Sable says before she leans her blond haired head down and slyly circles and brushes her wet tongue around head of Rhyno's extremely thick cock, while she tightens the grip of her hands around the base of his cock."Ahhh..." Rhyno lets out a short moan as Sable uses both of her hands to hold his cock steady as she moves her sly, wet tongue around the large head of his fat dick. Fuck my mouth like a pussy!"Mmmmmm..." Sable moans as she slaps her tongue against the head of Rhyno's cock, splashing her saliva. Sable closes her eyes and opens her sly, manipulative mouth as she takes Rhyno's cock. Sable greedily wraps her lips around his extremely escort tuzla thick and begins to smoothly bob her head, sucking his eleven inch cock."Ahhh yeah... uhhh..." Rhyno grits his teeth as his greasy black hair hangs forward over his face as he looks down at Sable as she bobs her head on his cock with ease despite her mouth being stretched out by the thickness of his cock."Mmmmmm...." Sable lustfully groans around his thick cock while she smoothly and easily bobs her head on his eleven inch cock. Sable's luscious lips grind perfectly against his shaft as her wet saliva drips onto his extremely fat shaft."Yeah... fucking suck that cock..." Rhyno grunts and snorts as Sable's saliva drips off of his massive eleven inch cock as she sucks it. Rhyno grabs the back of Sable's head as she starts to take his cock further into her mouth to the point where she takes her hands off of the base of his shaft."Mmmmmm! Ohhhhh...ahhhhh!" Sable groans and gags against Rhyno's massively fat cock deeply enters her mouth. Sable lifts her wickedly seductive eyes and locks them with Rhyno as the head of his cock forcefully smacks against the back of her mouth."Want to impress me? Take it all!" Rhyno grunts as he applies some pressure to push Sable's head all the way down on his extremely thick eleven inch cock until every inch has gone past her lips."AHHHHHH! UHHHHH!" Sable gags against Rhyno's cock as his entire rock hard and extremely thick cock stretches her mouth, causing her saliva to drip out of her mouth as Rhyno slowly thrusts his cock deeply in her mouth.Rhyno gets a slightly a****listic smirk on his face as he slowly fucks Sable's mouth as he gags her with his fat cock, "Think you can fucking manage me?!" Rhyno grunts before he jerks Sable's head off his cock causing a massive amount of saliva to fall from her mouth down onto her exposed cleavage. the end
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