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Standart Lucretia's Legacy [v0.0.4] [ Patreon - Amaraine]

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Lucretia's Legacy [v0.0.4] [ Patreon - Amaraine]

Adult PC Game

Updated: 12 September, 2017
Genre: Oral, Dominant,Submissive, Group Sex, Titfuck, Bdsm, Sexy Girls
Censorship: No
Developer/Publisher: Amaraine
Version: 0.0.4
OS: Windows | Mac
Language: English

I'm working on a longer, more complex erotic game with a vampire theme, tentatively called Lucretia's Legacy. This game will become more kinky as you go along. Like Bondage Island, there will be the opportunity to pursue and have Dominant/submissive relationships with several women.

Changelog for LL 0.0.4
Strength and Resilience are now a single stat, Prowess, which costs 1000 exp. just like Dominance and Charisma do.
Making a girl your slave increases the chance to run into other girls at the same location -- e.g., making Geri your slave increases the availability of Desiree and Veronica.

Fixed a bug where it was possible to have your need for sex or blood so high that the game wouldn't let you stay in, but your health was so low that the game wouldn't let you go out.

Added dancing, sex, and a path to making Veronica more submissive.
Added more punishment and sex scenes for Desiree, including an anal scene.
Added dancing, sex, and humiliation scenes for Flora, including an anal scene.
It is possible to add Veronica, Desiree, and Flora to your harem as slaves.
Added scenes involving new outfits for Flora and Veronica.
Added a scene involving interaction between Flora and Veronica.


Download or WATCH ONLINE - 193.1 MB

Download or WATCH ONLINE - 193.1 MB
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